Oh hey everybody. This week on Ask Cristen I am talking about two words which probably strike fear into the heart of anyone with ovaries: premature menopause. [Screaming sound, magnificent music]. This week’s Ask Cristen question is coming from Jamie who wants to know,’I was wondering about early menopause. I’ve a friend who is going through it at 35 and my doctor has put it on the “list of possibilities” for me when I am just turning 30 later this year. A general rundown of what it is (and is it the same thing as Premature Ovarian Failure?) Would be greatly appreciated.’ Early menopause simply means your ovaries stop functioning before menopause normally occurs around age 50.

You asked whether premature menopause is the identical thing as premature ovarian failure or exactly what the National Institutes of Health now refers to as Premature Ovarian Insufficiency and the answer isn’t exactly. Premature menopause usually means that your ovaries stop working entirely whereas with early ovarian insufficiency your ovaries still have a little bit of life in them it is just sporadic so that you might get a time every now and then and there’s still an opportunity, not a massive chance but a chance that you might get pregnant. These two conditions are fairly infrequent.

Approximately 5% of girls between 40 and 45 years old will experience spontaneous ancient menopause, whereas just 1 percent of women under 40 will undergo premature ovarian insufficiency. Aside from things such as chemotherapy and surgical removal of your uterus or ovaries, the key causes of premature menopause include genetics, autoimmune ailments like thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis and then gynecological ailments like Turner’s Syndrome. And in terms of life style factors [inhaling sound], cigarette smoking has been connected to it. Doctors suggest waiting till you’ve gone a minimum of three months without a period and are also undergoing a few of the wonderful signs of menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats and intermittent sleep and vaginal dryness and suddenly feeling a true kinship with all the Golden Girls. And if all that’s the case, physicians will also assess your estradiol and follicle stimulating hormone levels as well as your thyroid function to see whether it may be occurring.

Also if you had a late onset interval, like if you’ve got your first period after age 15 or 16 there is a greater prospect of developing premature menopause as well. If this occurs, the long-term unwanted effects include higher chance of creating Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, in addition to infertility and potential depression and anxiety mental health impacts of the physical condition. Along with the remedy for it is pretty much exactly the same as a portion of the mill menopause, focusing on fertility treatment and vitamin D supplements to strengthen your muscles. But Jamie as for preventing early or premature menopause, I do not think there is really anything we could do about that except stop smoking. That’s just advice across the board. If I were you I’d return to that doctor and ask exactly why this was put on that list of possibilities. Now folks, I want to understand if this is something you have undergone or if you know someone who has undergone or if it’s something that freaks you out at the idea of experiencing it.

Allow me to know all your premature menopause thoughts in the comments below. Kim Davis replied,’I am a larger woman with a not very curvy shape but I still reveal epidermis, walk with my head held high, and smile and laugh like traditionally beautiful people. People have even said I’m cocky, but I’m just doing what any traditional beautiful man would perform.’ D Hayes stated, ‘It’s so easy to overlook that where were we have had astronomically more successes than failures. Sometimes just ignoring that yucky feeling (not activly faking it, but choosing not to acknowledge the negative) can allow you to squeeze through an additional day at a time until we get to the finish line. Or….so I expect.’ And as always beloved friends, if you have any questions about your own body, your mind, relationships, whatever it might be, be sure to ask me your questions so I will provide you a few answers. .