How to Treat Menopausal Skin (Expert Skin Care Advice)

Hi guys! This is Eva from Bay Harbour Med Spa, and today’s topic is going to be how to treat or what to do for women who are in a post or past menopause. These would be all the women in the world that no longer have their periods. That stop menstruating. How to treat their skin, so girls, I would be one of those and a part of being in my profession for 36 years, but I am also a woman post, very post menopause. And I want to talk a little bit about our skin and how to treat our skin and what to do. I have to go a little bit back, so I have to start from the beginning and I have to clarify something.

Why is there such a difference between our skin when we go into menopause and before? Here’s what happens. When we are young when we are in our teens and then in our twenties, of course, our skin by nature produces collagen, produces elastin, elasticity, we absorb more vitamins. If we follow a healthy diet, that also shows in our skin. However, and pay attention to what I am going to say. When we get to around twenty-seven twenty-eight, it is then at that age when up to that point we were going like this. Up. And then around twenty-seven twenty-eight it sort of levels off for a year or two and then it slowly starts going this way, and it starts going down, until it comes to the bottom to the plateau of menopause and then it stays here. But remember, we went from here to here.

So what happens, what’s the difference? Our skin doesn’t change overnight. It’s a work in progress in our body, what actually happens is at age twenty-eight when everything stops and then starts going downwards. That means that our body is also producing and absorbing less collagen, less elastin and if you think about it, at twenty-seven you were perfect and you look at thirty-one and why was it so always when I was thirty, it was like a big thing, the big three-o because we thought, okay, thirty things start to happen and suddenly you realize that you have a wrinkle here that you didn’t have and maybe something here and then thirty-five you have a wrinkle here. Etcetera, where that’s exactly what’s happening it doesn’t happen overnight. However. If you are smart and knowledgeable enough to understand that things don’t happen overnight and that prevention is better than correction that means that you eat well all your life, that means that you take vitamins and minerals all of your life that means that you know your body very well, that means that you protect yourself from the sun.

And that means that even when the fall is like this, what happens between here and here in this space in this timeframe is not going to be drastic. And if you look at a woman, that is, one that never really takes care of herself, never ate right. Ate a lot of American fried food, fast food, Coca-cola, cigarettes and the sun. And never really protected herself, but sunbathed and got a lot of colors. And you look at her at age fifty or fifty-five, she will be really…her skin will be bad looking her skin will be wrinkly, her skin will be bad looking, her skin with be leathery, her skin will be ashey looking, her skin will not be pretty. Why, because she didn’t take care of it. And then correcting what is there is very, very hard. But if you fall into that category of what I just mentioned, and you do the best that you can and you understand, and my generation of people already understand that going to the sun, you go limitedly and if you go you some protection on, and that eating less red meat is great and eating healthy and taking vitamins and eating a lot of vegetables and foods and walking, even not exercising crazy but walking, getting some exercise.

Getting oxygen to the skin, and going for facials and moisturizing your skin and protecting your skin. Then if you did all that then the downfall will be much less however it will be. And once you lose your period. The only good thing is when you go into menopause, you don’t have to worry about periods cause that’s over with. Thank God! That’s over with. But you have to worry about others things, and then, sort of, so. Even though if it wasn’t that drastically in twenty-five years, then it goes down and then it sits on a plateau. And from here, from that bottom plateau, once you are a year two or three after menopause, not very much can change. If you were one that protected yourself and that did the right thing and you’re doing the right thing, the only thing to do a little bit more when you get post menopause.

You have to take more supplements you have to take a lot of antioxidants, you have to take much more antioxidants internally because we are talking about oxidation, we are talking about aging, we are talking…and oxidation is actually so very bad for us. That’s what gives us the age spots and discoloration spots and what have you and it’s also bad in our internal organs, so antioxidants, you double and triple on them once you go for post-menopause. Omega Three Fish Oil. For instance, Crea Oil is wonderful. Anything that will help to moisture your internal organs, your internal parts, soothe and be an anti-inflammatory is very good because remember another thing that happens post menopause cause everything sort of goes down not only the skin but unfortunately, our bones, our structure, everything changes.

Pains and aches, inflammation, arthritis all the things come with the territory so if you take a lot of good supplements if you educate yourself about anti-oxidants about Omega-3 and you eat healthy you again. My personal recommendation is, eat gluten-free. Eat a lot of vegetables. Double or triple on vegetables and fruits. Drink juices. Eat blueberries. Eat apples. Stay away from refined sugars. All of that together will help to prevent a faster deterioration and a faster aging process post menopause. And as you notice, I wasn’t talking about a cream first, I was talking about the internal because I believe girls and guys too.

I believe that our external is the picture of our internal. And remember, the external is the end result. So when it’s internally good and the outside will be good. And if you are smart enough to know that you have to protect yourself from the environment. And from UV and from the sun. And love yourself. And love your body and do good things for yourself. Then you will have this decline from here less visible to yourself and you will be able to protect yourself.

And look, years younger than your peers. Who doesn’t take care of themselves? But everything starts internally. It’s from in out and then it’s the outside. So now, talking about the outside. Now that we covered, I told you what in my opinion was the first thing. On the outside. So what should you use? Okay, the first thing. Never go to bed with makeup. Doesn’t matter how tired you are. Don’t go to bed with makeup. Use a light cleanser. Like for instance, this is a lavender rose foaming cleanser. So you take a little bit and wash your makeup off in the evening with a cleanser. Then your tone, with a rose toner, you want to have something that invigorates the skin, why do you want a toner a cleanser. It’s because toner balances the PH of your skin. So it shouldn’t be up, it shouldn’t be down. For the night, I always recommend people to use an amazing serum or to use an amazing aromatherapy oil.

On the skin as the base. After you cleanse and tone put the serum on your skin. And then, you can put a night cream, a night cream, and an eye cream. On top of the serum. Why do I recommend that you do at night? I will tell you why. When you go to sleep and you relax and you lie down and you go to sleep everything slows down. Everything relaxes. And remember, the skin does breathe, our skin is porous. So we absorb oxygen through our skin. So the skin absorbs the oxygen that we have but it also really absorbs the nutrients that you feed it when it goes asleep. So this is what I would recommend doing at night and then in the morning, okay, you get up, wash your face with water. You don’t even have to use a cleanser.

Just wipe after with is a toner, put a great moisturizer, the eye cream around your eyes, and then mineral makeup. Mineral makeup. Why I say mineral makeup, I tell you guys, because I use it. I make it. But that’s not why I’m telling you. It’s because mineral makeup, if it’s done correctly, and if it’s a great mineral makeup, is made out of one hundred percent zinc oxide and dioxide and no chemicals. There’s no talcum powder, and no fillers. What does zinc do for the skin? Zinc is a natural sunblock, why is it a natural sunblock, because it reflects the ultraviolet rays away from it, so that’s number one. Numero Uno. Number two: when you put mineral makeup on your skin it’s very light, it’s like sheer, you can’t even see it. I have it. You know you come as close as you want, I don’t even see that I have it on. I don’t even see that I have it on because it’s very fine. It’s sort of is like silk. You put it on your face. It evens the skin tone of your skin. It smoothes the look of your skin.

It absorbs any external oils. It protects you from the environment. And it protects you from the sun, so it’s a win-win situation. So in my opinion, like American Express say don’t leave the house without it without American Express. I tell you don’t leave your house without putting mineral makeup on your skin. So that’s my suggestion. If you have more questions, guys, you can always email me and ask me. Until next time.

Thank you. Ciao, all my friends out there. Bye-Bye. Eva..